How to Clean the Coils of a Commercial Deep Fryer

How to Clean the Coils of a Commercial Deep Fryer

Most commercial takes away restaurants are making use of a commercial air fryer . Using these deep fryers makes frying things a lot easier. However, cleaning the deep fryer can be a disaster. Especially, if you don’t clean the fryer frequently.

It is really important to make sure that you’re cleaning the coils of a commercial deep fryer regularly. To be able to clean the coils of the fryer, you need to clean the whole fryer. You can’t just clean the coils. There’s no easy method for cleaning the coils of a commercial deep fryer. If you’re doing clean the deep fryer the correct way, you can damage the deep fryer, or not clean it as you should and can be the reason why people getting sick. Here is the best way to clean the coil of a commercial deep fryer, correctly.

Clean everyday

If you’re using your commercial deep fryer every day, you should make sure that you’re cleaning your deep fryer every day. You can’t just clean the coils of the deep fryer. You should clean out the whole deep fryer.

You should also remember to unplug the fryer before you start cleaning it. This isn’t saved cleaning the fryer when it is still plucked into an electrical outlet.

When you’re cleaning your deep fryer, you should make sure that you’re not using too much dishwashing liquid in the fryer or in the baskets. You might struggle to get rid of all the soap when you’re rinsing the fryer after you have washed it.

Remove the baskets

You should remove the baskets of the commercial deep fryer and place it in soapy hot water to soak. The longer it soap, the easier the baskets will be cleaned. You can’t just clean the fryer and the coils without cleaning the basket as well.

By cleaning the baskets of the fryer, you will know that you’re deep fryer is as clean as possible and will not be a health risk to other people.

Draining the oil

Drain the oil, and make sure that if the oil is old, not to use it again. You don’t need to throw out the oil every day, except if you’re using the deep fryer throughout the day. Then, it might be best to throw the old oil away.

If you’re going to re-use the oil, make sure that you drain all the old left over pieces in the oil, completely. Not many people realize that old oil can cause some serious illnesses. Your oil should always be a light color. The darker the color of your oil, the filthier the oil is.

Scraping off the old oil

If you had not cleaned your commercial deep fryer for a while, you need to take a metal spatula and scrape off all the old oil that’s stuck in the inside and outside of the fryer. Don’t scrape too hard, if you have a non- stick commercial deep fryer. You can cause some damage to the non-stick coating.

This is normally the hardest part of cleaning a commercial deep fryer that was not cleaned for a while. If you’re cleaning the fryer frequently you will not have a problem with pieces of old oil that’ stuck in the fryer and at the outside of the fryer. This will make the cleaning a lot easier.

Adding hot water

If all the hard pieces of oil have been removed from the commercial deep fryer, you need to add some hot water into the deep fryer. The water really needs to be hot, otherwise you will not be able to clean the fryer really good. Remember to not get the plug of the deep fryer wet.

After you filled up the deep fryer with hot water, you need to add about 1 teaspoon of dishwashing liquid in the deep fryer.  Now, you need to scrub the deep fryer until it’s clean. This can take some time, depending on how long you left the deep fryer before cleaning.

When the deep fryer is clean, you should rinse the fryer with vinegar and fresh hot water. The vinegar makes sure that there’s no traces of dishwashing liquid left in the fryer. This can end up in a disaster if you’re using the fryer where you have some soap mixed with your oil. This is an important step that many people are forgetting. When you’re finished rinsing the fryer with the vinegar water, you need to rinse it out with hot water, once again.

Drying the commercial deep fryer

It’s important to make sure that you’re really drying the commercial deep fryer completely before you add the oil back again. Oil and water don’t mix. You can dry the fryer by using a lint-free cloth. You don’t want to have some lint pieces mixed with your oil, when you’re finished cleaning.

Washing the baskets

After you have cleaned the commercial deep fryer, you also need to clean the baskets. Cleaning the baskets is much easier than cleaning the deep fryer self. All that you will need is hot water, some small amount of dishwashing liquid.

You also need to make sure that all the soap is rinsed off the baskets and that the baskets are completely dry before you put the baskets back into the deep fryer. Some people are only washing and cleaning the deep fryer and not thinking about the baskets. To have a totally clean deep fryer, you should also make sure that the baskets are as clean as possible.

The one thing that everybody hates is to clean a commercial deep fryer. And, if you don’ clean the fryer regularly, you’re going to struggle to completely clean the fryer. However, if you’re cleaning your deep fryer frequently, even daily, you will not struggle to clean the fryer, and it will not be a task that you hate doing. It may be convenient to use a commercial deep fryer, but it’s important to know how to clean the fryer to ensure that no one is getting ill from a filthy deep fryer with old, filthy oil.


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